5H Mrs. Heilmann's Class


Welcome to Grade 5H!

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"Coming together is a beginning
Staying together is progress, 
Working together is Success!"
- Henry Ford

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Grade 5 H has a mailbox...children can write Christmas cards to one another!
They will be "delivered" during our class party on Thursday 12/21.

All tests and worksheets will be sent home on Friday afternoons.
Students are required to correct their errors onto loose leaf,
get a parent signature and return by the following Tuesday.

Parents: If your child is absent and you want work to be prepared and sent home, please email me or call the office with instructions.
We are here to help!

Extra help - 5/6th Grade  ELA:
by invitation 
Thursday mornings at 7:30

Contact: hheilmann5628@olvfp.org