5H Mrs. Heilmann's Class

Welcome to Grade 5H!
Image result for childrens clipart for school;
"Coming together is a beginning, 
Staying together is progress, 
Working together is Success!"
- Henry Ford

OLV Honor Society 
is collecting water for the 
residents in Puerto Rico in
collaboration with Senator Elaine Phillips.

Students in Grades 5 & 6 have received
Book Report requirements!
Both grades are reading
a Fiction book of their choice.
Due Date:
Grade 5 - November 13th
Grade 6 - November 3rd

All tests and worksheets will be sent home on Friday afternoons.
Students are required to correct their errors onto loose leaf,
get a parent signature and return by the following Tuesday!

Food Pantry Item Collection Dates:
 10/24; 11/7; 11/21

Why is Stopping World Hunger Both a Responsibility and an Opportunity?
Grade 5: 100 words, typed
DUE: October 31st

Parents: If your child is absent and you want work to be prepared and sent home, please email me or call the office with instructions.
We are here to help!

During the month of October we will join our schoolmates in saying a daily decade of the Rosary as we honor Mary, the patroness of our school...
please bring in your Rosary.

Extra help - 5/6th Grade  ELA:
by invitation 
Thursday mornings at 7:30