5H Mrs. Heilmann's Class


Welcome to Grade 5H!

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"Coming together is a beginning
Staying together is progress, 
Working together is Success!"

- Henry Ford

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5th Graders may run for the office of:
Religious Affairs
School Spirit

Interested 5th Graders should speak with Mrs. Heilmann.
Class Elections for one candidate for each of the above offices
will take place on June 6th!
Please submit your classroom speech for approval to Mrs. Heilmann by June 5th!


  All tests and worksheets will be sent home on Friday afternoons.
Students are required to correct their errors onto loose leaf,
get a parent signature and return by the following Tuesday.


Parents: If your child is absent and you want work to be prepared and sent home, please email me or call the office with instructions.
We are here to help!

Extra help - 5/6th Grade  ELA:
All are welcome!
Bring your questions!
Thursday mornings at 7:30

Contact: hheilmann5628@olvfp.org