Welcome to 6V!

Spring Prayer

A sleeping world emerges to new possibilities,
weakening winter's icy grip, 
and birdsong and bleating lamb
announce to all the promise
that in due season
creation bursts into life.
And whilst leaves that fell in winter
lie upon the ground,
soon to feed the earth,
in nature's wondrous cycle
of death and rebirth,
within the tree is a stirring of new growth.

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Welcome to 6V!
Thurs. 5/2
Please make sure to have sharpened pencils and a calculator(day 2 only)

I am looking forward to a wonderful school year.
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I am available for extra help for 5th graders on Tuesday @ 7:30 am and for 6th graders on Wednesdays @ 7:30 am.

**If your child is absent, please notify the office and a sibling within the school, so that we can assure that your child is sent home with work**