Mrs. Virdone's Class

Our first trimester is almost over and we have learned so much! 
The 7th grade had an amazing time at Adventureland as they learned about all the forces that are at work while they were riding the roller coasters. We finished our first unit of Earth Science and created out of this world planet brochures and beautiful starry constellation projects. Their original myths entertained all of us.  We are now
 beginning our first unit of Physical Science. 

The 8th grade continues their studies of the Living Environment. We are presently investigating human anatomy and physiology. So far we have covered the Nervous, Circulatory and Respiratory systems. We experimented with different model blood types and will discuss a court case about who owns your cells.

The 7th and 8th grades are looking forward to our next field trip to see the stage adaptation of Frankenstein. 

The 7th grade will be hosting our Thanksgiving Mass.
 All are invited.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!