Study Guides

Trimester 3 Study Guides

8th Grade
8th Grade Social Studies Final
Please have in class on Monday, June 5th

Know the definition of, or importance of, the following:
1. Effects of European exploration on the Americas
2. Geographical differences between the New England, Middle and Southern colonies
3. Federalism
4. Checks and balances
5. Federalists
6. Seneca Falls Convention
7. Poll taxes
8. Literacy tests
9. Grandfather clause
10. Plessy v. Ferguson
11. Dred Scott Decision
12. Transcontinental railroad
13. Urbanization
14. Muckrakers
15. Yellow Journalism
16. Open Door Policy
17. Chinese Exclusion Act
18. Reasons the U.S. entered WWI
19. League of Nations
20. Treaty of Versailles
21. Social Security Act
22. Dust Bowl
23. Causes of the Great Depression
24. The New Deal
25. Articles of Confederation
26. Child labor
27. Bill of Rights
28. Pearl Harbor
29. Isolationism
30. Expansionism
31. Andrew Jackson’s treatment of Native Americans
32. Nativism

7th Grade:

7th Grade Final Trimester

Things to know:
War of 1812
Key factors
Laissez faire
Free market economy
Marbury v. Madison
Judicial review
Pinckney treaty
Louisiana Purchase
Lewis and Clark expedition
Embargo Act
Treaty of Ghent
Battle of New Orleans
Presidential Cabinet
Judiciary Act
Bank of the United States
Neutrality proclamation
XYZ Affair
Bill of Rights

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