Art Class

Welcome to Art!
My name is Miss Kiedaisch, and I am looking forward to an exciting year of art with the first-eighth grade students at OLV!  Please check back for updates on what our artists are creating!

First Grade: Mondrian Colors
The first grade artists are learning about Piet Mondrian.  They created two pieces of artwork inspired by his paintings, and learned about warm and cool color schemes.  They also learned how to trace straight lines with a ruler!

Second and Third Grade: Paul Klee Self-Portraits
The second and third grade artists are working on self-portraits inspired by the artist Paul Klee.  Students will create a contour line drawing of themselves, and will use a special process to overlay colorful tissue paper.

Fourth Grade: Romero Britto Self-Portraits
The fourth grade is learning about the contemporary artist Romero Britto.  Britto's exciting paintings are filled with pattern and vibrant colors.  They will be creating a self-portrait after learning about basic facial proportions, and will then fill them with patterns and bright colors.

Fifth and Sixth Grade: Illuminated Letters
The fifth and sixth grade will be learning about illuminated letters and the medieval period.  Students will learn how illuminated letters were made, discuss themes in artwork, and will then create an illuminated letter based on the theme of their choosing.

Seventh Grade: Illuminated Names
The seventh grade is learning about the process of Illumination.  They will learn about how paper and books were created during the Middle Ages, and will learn the process of illumination and hand-lettering (often done by monks at the time).  The students will be illuminating their names, with the first letter illustrated to represent their interests, and the rest of the letters imitating medieval font.

Eighth Grade: Weaving & Color Theory Painting
Eighth graders are concurrently working on two projects.  One class is working on weaving.  We looked at different types of weaving, and they will be using tabby and dovetail weaving techniques to create their own small tapestry.  The other class is learning about color theory and color mixing.  They filled a page with drawings, doodles, symbols and objects, then divided it in half.  One half of the page will be painted with a monochromatic (single color) color scheme, and the other half will be painted with an analogous color scheme (two colors next to each other on the color wheel).

For any 8th grade students interested in applying to honors art programs in high school, please see the link below for ideas for extra projects to build your portfolio.  See Miss Kiedaisch for more information if necessary!