Art Class

Welcome to Art!
My name is Miss Kiedaisch, and I am looking forward to an exciting year of art with the first-eighth grade students at OLV!  Please check back for updates on what our artists are creating!

First Grade: Fall Leaves
We will be learning about pattern, warm and cool colors, and repetition!

Second and Third Grade: What's Behind the Door?
Second and Third grade are learning about narrative art.  They will be creating a picture of a room with clues that tell that viewer what is hiding behind the door!

Fourth & Fifth Grade: Islamic Tile Printmaking
Fourth (and later fifth) grade will be learning about Islamic architecture, and will be using their geometric patterning as inspiration for a printmaking project.

Sixth Grade: One-Point Perspective
Sixth grade is learning about one-point perspective, and how to use visual tricks to create shapes that appear to be 3D on a flat paper.

Seventh Grade: Animal Prints
Seventh grade is learning about linoleum block printing, and will be creating their own animal "stamps" and prints.  They will be responsible for creating a series of five prints.
7th grade will have a vocabulary quiz: 7F 11/28, 7M 11/29

Eighth Grade: â€‹Restaurant Design
Eighth grade is learning about architecture and the design process. They will be practicing their two-point perspective drawing skills to create their own unique restaurants. 

8th Grade Writing Assignment (Due 5/17): Write at least four sentences responding to the following prompts:
- Explain the imagery you used on your medal.  What pictures did you use to represent your theme?
- What was your favorite part of this project? Why?

For any 8th grade students interested in applying to honors art programs in high school, please see the link below for ideas for extra projects to build your portfolio.  See Miss Kiedaisch for more information if necessary!