KL Mrs. Lazos' Class

memorial day
"We are proud to be American!"

This Week in KL
Tuesday is the Dance Recital! I can't wait to see our girls dance! It's always such a fun night.Old Stereo.png

I am happy to say that the weather is looking much better this week. Our field trip is on for Thursday.
Illustration Of A Pink Rose.pngI have spoken with Mrs. Guidal and she will be ready for us on Thursday. Please print the new permission slip. It will have the specific details on it. 

 Superkids this week introduces the sound of Pp.
 We will be practicing and reinforcing the sounds this week.  
 Each week includes letter formation, sound identification, word building, sight word recognition, listening and reading comprehension. We drill, play sound games, and create and read great books...Each day is filled with hands on learning experiences. Please practice dictation skills at home. It really helps proficiency. Reading packets have begun to go home. Please sign the envelope upon completion and return it...a new one will be sent home.

Math continues this week with practicing shapes. The children are familiar with the basic shapes so this unit is simply a review. We have made shape books and Shape Monsters. It was a fun creative process. We continue with counting, adding and subtracting to keep our skills sharp.

We are very busy preparing for our big grand finale. The children know their lines and we are practicing speaking loudly and clearly. The caps and gowns will go home next week! We will begin painting the scenery for the stage. This is such an exciting time for us...our days together are dwindling down.

It is Memorial Day Weekend! As always, we keep the the service men and women is our prayers and ask Him to keep them safe!Army Veteran.png
My door is always open. We are a team working together so your child can reach their full potential.

 Have a wonderful week!

Mrs. Lazos