KL Mrs. Lazos' Class


We will be reading lots of Halloween Stories and
identifying the sound of /g/. 
Be sure to read and respond to the Boo Day note.

This Week in KL

Clubs meet this week. Soccer club may wear gym uniforms on Fridays. Daisies will be dismissed directly to classroom. No need to send a dismissal note unless they are NOT attending the club.

We have met the new Superkid, or should I say dog!! His name is Golly and we will see, say, write, and listen for the initial sound of /g/. The children will be introduced to the final sound of /g/ this week. (bag, hog, jug, big, dog)

New rounds of Activity Time begin this week. We are also beginning our first biography unit

(non-fiction). We are going to learn about the amazing Jane Goodall.

We will reading biography picture books, watching YouTube videos, and creating fun chimpanzees and we recall and retell facts we've learned

about Jane Goodall.

We are working on the number 6. We are decomposing the number and realizing that 5,1

4,2 & 3,3  and the word six --all represent 6. We have been using our math journals. The children love writing in their notebooks. I am encouraging neat, organized work so we can use the journal as reference.

Tuesday: It's Pantry Tuesday! Please check the OLV homepage for details. I encourage a donation to the OLV Food Pantry.

Thursday evening is the Early Childhood Department Open House. Please spread the good news about your children's learning experiences in Kindergarten. OLV is the Place to BE!!

Please look for the BOO DAY Information sheet on the important notices page of this site. All the things you need to know will be included in this note.

Friday, school is closed -it is a Professional Day for teachers.

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns. We are partners working together so your child can reach their full potential.

My door is always open,

Mrs. Lazos

" What we have to learn to do, is learn by doing."


be kind