KL Mrs. Lazos' Class
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This Week in KL

This is the last week of kindergarten.

It is NO Homework week...but there are lots of reminders and final information. All the information will be posted on the NO Homework Sheet.

Monday and Tuesday are regular school days. Activity Folders will be sent home on Monday. 
On Tuesday, notebooks and the handwriting book will be sent home. The green classwork notebook will be sent home as well. I ask for it to be returned on Wednesday. I place it in the children's yearly portfolio. It will be fun to look back at their early education when they are graduating the 8th grade.

Wednesday is an early dismissal day for kindergarten only. The children should wear the their gym shorts and white gym t-shirt.  We will be performing A Kindergarten Creation for our school. We are all very excited!!
It is the last recess/lunch for us. There is no bus service, so all children must be picked up at 11:50 from the main entrance door. 

Thursday is our BIG DAY! Please read the information sheet that was sent home with the cap and gown. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. This is going to be a great day!!!

See everyone on Thursday!
Mrs. Lazos
busy year