Mrs. Dodson's Class

Please send in a coloring book with your child's name on it.  We need to keep busy during indoor recess!  

Also, I kindly ask that each family sends in a tub of wipes and paper towels.  We are running low! 
Thank you so much!

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Jan. 25th - School Board Open Mtg. at 7:30 PM- Parents are invited!

Jan. 26th - NUT Pass Day

Jan. 28th - Catholic Schools Week begins - 10:30 AM Mass, followed by Open House until 1 pm and then $10,000 Giveaway Drawing!  Wear your uniform for a free NUT Pass Day!
* see flyer and/or schedule on school website!

Jan. 30th - Open House & Registration - 10 - 11 AM.  Visit classes while they are in session to learn more about our Early Childhood Program!

Feb. 2nd - 11:20 dismissal - no lunch/afternoon snack for Full Day Class; ASP is closed!