Mrs. Masetti's Class

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Winter time is fun you know
We love to play out in the snow
We run and slide and ski and skate
Winter time is really great!

Please send in a pair of mittens with your child for a fun activity. It can definitely be the ones that they wear to school.  Thank you. 
Thursday. January 17 - Box Tops Due 
Monday, January 21 - School Closed for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  Students enjoyed singing the above poem and throwing imaginary snowballs at me.  We will continue to review poem and await some snow (hopefully little) for the winter months.  We completed our skating snowman project as well as our hibernation bear project.  Students watercolored and fed their bears before they laid them in their prepared lairs.  We enjoyed the Bear in his Lair rhyme as  well as this new vocabulary word. We talked about pretend and real.  We read a book about the Little Drummer Boy, listened to his song a few times, and sat and tapped our sticks to it.  We loved the page in the book where the Baby Jesus smiles to the music.  We then decided to march around to the beat of the song with our sticks.  Baptism was an exciting conversation.  Many of the children had lots to add. And then we chose our babies and baptized each one.  We talked about the candle that gets lit because Jesus is the Light of the World, the oil and of course the water. Letter L stands for many of our friends favorite animal -  a lion. Students also liked lollipops and lemons.  Of course Lauren, Lucas and Luke were our favorite L words.  Making ice cubes and then painting them were so much fun.  To hear and see your children's faces when the colors dripped and mixed was just priceless.  They had excellent predictions and ideas as well throughout the whole process.  We will definitely do something like this again.  We ended our week reviewing our Scholastic News on hibernating and reading our new one on melting. We also had a lot of fun celebrating Sonya's birthday!!

This week the letter M will be introduced.  Our science just might include some cooking muffins. We will learn about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., talk about matching, being fair and kind. We will have fun matching our own mittens (Thank you for sending in a pair.) as well as creating a special pair with finger painting.  Our Snowman Pal craft will definitely become another favorite.  It is really cute.  I have lots of colors and choices for each child to choose and make unique. We will talk about how we are all different and yet the same.  How Jesus loves all of us.  We will continue to talk about Jesus' baptism and a special Saint for  this week is St. Agnes.  Enjoy the three day weekend! 

Please continue to review with your child his/her first and last name, address and phone number.  

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday -Computer
Friday - Art (afternoon)

If you would like your child to purchase lunch- Download and print the lunch calendar on our OLV website. Go to Quick Links circle near the bottom of our homepage.  Read the directions and send in with your check.

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