Mrs. Masetti's Class

3/22 - Teacher Professional Day (No school for students)
3/27 - St. Baldrick's Pep Rally (wear green accessories)
3/28 - Parent Teacher Conferences  6-8:30 (upon request)
3/29 - NUT Pass Day!

We celebrated some of the beautiful colors that God has given us this passed week.  We made rainbow links, pots of gold and shamrocks.  We practiced our scissor skills on a four season project.  We learned about the letter S and its sound.  Sonya was our favorite S word! Snakes, spiders, seasons, scissors and snack were also fun words.  We found out that when the letter S is next to the letter H it makes a quiet sound /sh/. Upside Down Sally was one of our favorite read aloud last week. We enjoyed some Lucky Charms after some grouping and counting.  Father Sullivan and two Nuns for the Dominican came to visit us during gym. We had a visit from a Leprechaun!  When we arrived at school in the morning there was a mess.  Students eagerly helped to pick up chairs and put away toys before we unpacked and then our welcome song was changed on the Smartboard. We were also lucky to get some magic rocks that had enough gold coins for each of us. We ended the day with some Irish Step dancing in the halls and then tried some fancy dancing in our room.  It was a great week.  We learned about St. Patrick and shamrocks.  We had lots of giggles and laughs.  
This week we will learn the letter T and its sound /t/. We have an adorable train project that will spell our name.  We will talk about Jesus and how He is our shepherd.  We will create lamb projects to show how He cares for us.  Of course we will have more scissor practice.  I will send home a sheet labeled homework.  Please practice scissor holding and cutting at home.  You can send back their homework at your earliest convenience.  We will talk about one of  Jesus'miracles and begin to learn the Hail Mary.  Please practice this prayer at home with your child as well.  I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!  God bless!

Please continue to review with your child his/her first and last name, address and phone number.  

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday -Computer
Friday - Art (afternoon)

My Scholastic code is RR7BL

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns