Mrs. Masetti's Class

We had a great first full week of school. The children already are getting used to morning routines of learning, playing , praying and completing activities together. We have had lots of silent cheers and celebrations for many 

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Please remember we have gym every Monday so don’t forget to wear your sneakers to school on Monday. 
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We practiced for an upcoming fire drill and were awesome!  We will practice again this week because we never know when that alarm will ring and we want be prepared. We really enjoyed all our specials this week. We had fun in the gym with Mrs. Dodson's class.  We listened to stories in the library with Mrs. Donnelly.  We met Mrs. Delaney and learned how to work OLV iPads.  Our full day class had art in the Art room with Mrs. K.

Please enjoy the All Ab
out Me pockets that came home.  We had a lot of fun creating these projects and talking together.  In Religion, we learned the song "We are Special" and how Jesus wanted all the children to come.  He loves us very much.  We read, sang, and danced everyday. "Baby Shark" is an all time favorite along with "If Your Happy and You Know it"

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Please send in a coloring book for Rainy Day recess when we cannot go outside.  We will have our first birthday celebrations this week for Brendan and Mrs. Butler.  This upcoming week we will learn the letter A and its sound, make some fun apple prints, paint, learn about Johnny Appleseed, taste apples, and so much more.  It will be a very exciting week. Please check this page weekly for updates and happenings in our class.  
God bless and have a Blessed weekend!
(Please note I will be starting an Instagram account for us.  So exciting!  It will be called OLVTwinkleTwinkleLittleStars.)


Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday -Computer
Friday - Art

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns 

**Scholastic orders due September 17th**
Candy sale ends September 26th