7th and 8th grade extra help 7:45am Monday November 13 and Monday November 13 at Recess

8th Grade Health 

8S - Health Quiz due Monday 11/13
    - Trimester Review Sheet due 11/13 

- Trimester Review Sheet due 11/13 

7th Grade Health 
7M-  Trimester Review Sheet due 11/13 
7F-- Trimester Review Sheet due 11/13 

6th Grade Health Project (Bullying) 
6V - due Nov 13
6S - due Nov 14

Bullying Prevention Project Directions
- Create a poster, pamphlet, book or another creative display
- Pick three or more ways to prevent bullying and write one paragraph about each one on your poster, on your pamphlet, in your book, or on your other creative display. 
- Make sure your paragraph explains how the way you chose will help prevent bullying
- Remember you may go above and beyond project expectations by including more than three ways to prevent bullying, writing more information about each way, or including extra facts about bullying (For example: the different types of bullying) 

Health Project SampleHealth Project Sample Health Project SampleBullying Prevention Sample