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This Week In KL

This week we will completing our rounds of Activity Time . We will also be discussing the history of the  First Thanksgiving through the use of nonfiction picture books. The children will receive a few lines for our re-enactment of this feast. Thanksgiving Turkey.png
Please practice speaking slowly, loudly and clearly. 

We are collecting adult puzzle books, word finds, etc...for the Bella the Brave fundraiser for Cohen's Medical Center. It's something for them to do while they wait.
Please make a donation to this wonderful cause.

Im sure by now ‚Äčour class moms have gotten in touch with you about our annual feast. Thank you in advance for all your generosity. It will be on Tuesday, November 20th at 11:15. 
(save the date) All parents are invited to the short skit. Parent volunteers will be asked to stay to serve and clean 
up. Parents will be asked to deliver hot food to our feast. More details will follow. 

**Please look for the Conference note on the Important Notes and HW page. Assessments are distributed at our parent-teacher conference. 
My door is always open,

Mrs. Lazos

"What we have to learn to do, is learn by doing."


thank you

My door is always open,

Mrs. Lazos