KL Mrs. Lazos' Class

rainbow fish

"It is in giving that we receive..." Perfect lesson from the timeless story of the Rainbow Fish!

‚ÄčThis Week in KL
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend celebrating St Patrick's Day!Illustration Of A Shamrock.png

Clubs meet this week. 

We have been planting and sharing our "give-aways" for our 40 Days of Giving. The children love to see what there classmates what to give to others.

 We met Ettabetta! We are listening for the short vowel sound of /e/. We are learning all about elephants.
Our Activity time will revolve around 
that  theme.
 We are
in the process of learning how to write a sentence. Please have your child practice at home. You can use a combination of word list words and memory words. You can put cards on the table and have your child order the words so they make a sentence. They can then write it by sounding it out. Best yet, make a picture!! Keeping a fun journal and watch the growth.
A new word list was posted.  Please continue adding new memory words to your flashcards.  Please remember to make those "memory words" yellow. It will be a visual reminder them NOT to sound it out. 
We finally made it to 20!, but we are learning addition sentences and word problems. We will use the strategy "make a model" to make a picture of the problem so we can visually see and count to solve the problem. 

This Friday is a Professional Day for teachers. School is closed!

Report Cards will be distributed on March 27th. Conferences are by request and appointments will be given. I will send out my requests this week.
If you would like to see me as well please send a request so I can make a schedule. 
I would like to say that your children are growing and learning so much. I am so proud of them.

Have a wonderful week! My door is always open,

Mrs. Lazos