Art Class

Welcome to Art!
My name is Miss Petruzzo, and I am looking forward to an exciting year of art with the first-eighth grade students at OLV!  Please check back for updates on what our artists are creating!

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with any questions or concerns you may have

First Grade: Line Designs
We will be learning about six different types of lines!

Second and Third Grade: What's Your Superpower?
Second and Third graders will be creating artwork based on their own interests and strengths!

Fourth Grade: Self-Portraits
Fourth grade will be creating self portraits that demonstrate something they are interested in or enjoy doing.

Fifth and Sixth Grade: Pop Art Portraits
We will be creating self-portraits in the style of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein.

Seventh and Eighth Grade: Graffiti Names
Seventh and Eighth graders will start off the year with some fun graffiti designs!  We will practice shading and blending colors with colored pencils.