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Volleyball Underhand Serve

 Face your target.

 Hold the ball in medium space with your non-striking hand (imagine the ball sitting on a batting tee).

 Use a bowling motion (step with the opposite foot and bring your striking hand back).

 As your open hand comes forward, strike the ball with the heel of your hand.

 Do not toss the ball in the air during the striking motion.

 Follow through toward your target.


Volleyball Overhand Serve

Align shoulders square to the net facing the target area. Step forward with the foot opposite the striking/serving hand 

Toss the ball, 3-4 feet above your head and in front of the serving shoulder 

Strike the ball with an open hand in one continuous motion ("Swing through the ball") 

Keep your eyes on the ball ("See actual contact take place") 

Follow through with the striking hand in the direction of the ball 

Transfer weight from your back foot to the front foot

The Set Pass (Setting)

 Elbows high

 Make a diamond shape with your hands using your thumb and index fingers

 Bend knees

Quick "catch" and push with your fingers

Extend your arms and wrist

Pretend you are catching a water balloon to help you get the feel of not "stabbing" at the ball



Make a flat surface with arms by placing back of one hand in palm of the other

Move feet to get under the ball

One foot in front of the other with knees bent

Extend arms, body and knees to the ball

DO NOT swing your arms, meet the ball with your arms

Aim your arms towards the top of the net and not to the ceiling