Fundraising and Volunteer

Fundraising and Volunteer


In 1999 a Fundraising/Volunteer Service Program was instituted by the School Board at OLV for the purpose of defraying costs that the tuition could not possibly cover. As a pre-requisite for registration, each family is asked to contribute a minimum of $300 to the school by participation in the following: the Golf Outing/Dinner, the Candy Sale, the Fall Fundraiser, and the $10,000 Give-Away.

Since it’s inception, this program has been responsible for the completion of our technology efforts. All classrooms K-8 have are equipped with an interactive SmartBoard.  We have 2 computers in every classroom and a computer lab with 28 workstations. We have 40 iPads, which teachers actively "borrow" for special interactive lessons in their classrooms.  We have purchased two rolling science laboratories and rolling media carts with the funds accumulated from this program. This is only possible through our fundraising efforts.


This second part of the Fundraising/Volunteer Service Program is as important as the first. Each family is asked to volunteer their time and abilities at any two of the following: the Golf Outing/Dinner, the Candy Sale, the Fall Fundraiser, Family Night, the Christmas Sale, the Sweetheart Dance, Mother Son Bowling, the Basketball Tournament, Service & Goods Auction, OLV Music Series, the Easter Bunny Breakfast, the Spring Event, Hall & Lunchtime Duties and Extra-Curricular Clubs.

Participation in your child’s education can take many forms, our Fundraising/Volunteer Program affords parents the chance to participate in two ways, fundraising, which supplements programs that enhance the learning environment, and volunteer service, which places parents and their abilities in the center of their children’s school life.

At OLV we believe that the cooperation between parents, administration and teaching staff provides an excellent environment for the well rounded growth and education of our children.