Drop and Go Policy

Drop and Go Policy

Dear Parents,

The purpose of this letter is to bring to your attention an important matter that concerns the safety of our children, and to reintroduce the policy and procedure that has been in effect since March 2009.

The morning drop off of the children has become a dangerous time in our school day. As you know, parents and those who drop off the children have been told and reminded that we cannot park on Bellmore Street during school hours on school days. (This applies to morning arrival as well as afternoon dismissal.) The morning drop off time seems to be the most hectic—and the most dangerous. People park in the cross walk, students exit the vehicles in the middle of the street, children who walk to school have difficulty crossing the street--- even with the presence and assistance of the crossing guard.

I ask that you adhere to the following procedure when dropping the children off in the morning. Beginning at 7:55am (after the buses have arrived and dropped off the bus children) please drive down to the school yard gate and "DROP" off your child or children, and then "GO."   (This way several cars can "DROP and GO" simultaneously, the traffic will move quickly and smoothly and the children can enter the building and school yard safely.) All children should exit the cars at the curb side.

If you would prefer to walk your child into the school yard or you need to come into the building, please feel free to do this as well.  In this case, however, please park your car elsewhere.  (Again, you cannot park in front of the school--- from the Rectory driveway to the driveway at 24 Bellmore Street (“the Blue House”).

School representatives will be curbside to remind you and keep the flow of traffic moving. I know that you agree that we must all work together to ensure the safety of all of our children. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this important matter.


Peg Augello Principal