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Thursday, October 18th- Box tops due 
Tuesday, October 23rd- Picture Day (Please wear full uniforms)
Friday, October 26th - School is closed for Teacher Professional Day

We had a very busy week in nursery working, learning and having fun.  We learned about the letter D and its sound /d/.  Dinosaurs, dinner, doctor, dogs and dolls were words often shared during meeting time. We made beautiful dragonflies to decorate our classroom and loved the pictures and story of 
Puff The Magic Dragon. We compared the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar to the story of the life cycle of a dragonfly as well as discussed dinosaurs and dragons alike and differences.  Father Sullivan visited us to thank us for our coin collection to help the poor and he shared some awesome stories about being kind and Jesus.  We loved having Father in our class.  We also went to church this week.  We talked about the beautiful stained glass windows in our parish.  We went on the alter and touched Jesus and his friends eating dinner together.  We lit a candle to Mary, went by St Joseph to say hello and blessed ourselves with Holy water.  We made pumpkins with our own orange paint that we stirred. Making green was fun as well.  I hope the children are sharing our "Five little ducks" song and "Five Little Pumpkins" poem.  Lots of fun doing the Body Rock, Hokey Pokey, Baby Shark and playing together.  We had a fashion show on Friday sharing our special outfits.  We noticed we had a few dinosaur shirts, Mickey and Minnie shirts , jeans, a dress, cool Car airplanes and so much more.
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For this week in Religion we will talk about how Jesus has many friends, how to be a good friend and how our names are very special. Letter E will be our letter of the week. It will be interesting because we will find out that we have more than one friend's name that begins with E. An elephant craft that will be so much fun to make with sponge painting. We will enjoy some more science by mixing colors to make grey. We will talk about circles and good manner words (excuse me, please and thank you). Find EXIT signs throughout our building, do some fun exercises and of course some Halloween fun projects, songs and dances.  

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Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday -Computer
Friday - Art (afternoon)

If you would like your child to purchase lunch- Download and print the lunch calendar on our OLV website. Go to Quick Links circle near the bottom of our homepage.  Read the directions and send in with your check.
 Please send in a coloring book if you have not done so already for our rainy day bags (indoor recess).
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