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February 16th-February 24th- Have a Blessed Winter break!
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 Letter P was awesome!  Patrick was of course our favorite P word along with pencil, piano, pumpkins, playtime, penguins, and patterns. We shared and rolled marbles in paint to create beautiful hearts for our classroom.  We made adorable penguins and learned many facts about them.  We sang "5 Little Penguins" each day and enjoyed the little video that went along with it.  We made our memory game to take home on opposites and talked about, found, and created patterns each day.  Our Scholastic News went over Polar Bears and its habitat as well as allowed us to play a game on the smart board that reviewed arctic animals. We made hearts with our hands each morning for our love month and of course enjoyed our NUT pass clothing on Friday.

This will be a review week.  We will review all letters and sounds taught thus far. We will work on our ABC stamp Booklet. Patterns will continue to be part of our day.  We will learn about famous presidents and create an Abraham Lincoln Log Cabin craft. A very special handprint heart craft and a love bug hat will be a lot of fun to make.  We will learn about St Valentine and more stories of God's love. We will dance and share and continue to grow as a class family.  Ask your child about our Banana, Banana Meatball dance.  It will bring lots of smiles. 

                               Have a Blessed week!                         

Please continue to review with your child his/her first and last name, address and phone number.  

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday -Computer
Friday - Art (afternoon)

If you would like your child to purchase lunch- Download and print the lunch calendar on our OLV website. Go to Quick Links circle near the bottom of our homepage.  Read the directions and send in with your check.

My Scholastic code is RR7BL

Please do not hesitate to email me if you have any questions or concerns